Monday, April 7, 2008

Results of Randy Kuhl Town Hall Meetings

Thank you to everyone that took time from their day to attend one of the Town Hall Meetings on Friday. The format was a little different than we expected. Rather than Mr. Kuhl talking to us as a group, he gave each of us an opportunity to meet him & discuss one-on-one our concerns.

Many of us spoke with Mr Kuhl in regards to the RG&E powerline issues, wind turbines and the SCIDA issues we are facing.

His response to each of us was that he could not help us as these were local issues. We told him that we have already contacted our local officials. He then advised that we contact Dale Volker and Joseph Errigo. They are the representatives for Naples - zip code 14512

Here is there contact information:

Senator Dale M. Volker

Chairman of the New York State Senate Codes Committee 59th Senate District

Assemblyman Joseph A. Errigo
130th Assembly District

Below are the links to find contact information for your representative if your zip code is something other than 14512

for the Assembly:

for the Senate:

Remember, our group began when we opposed RG & E. We have put them on hold (for a short time), but they will be back. Since November approx 27 wind turbines have been constructed. Take a ride south on West Hollow Road from Cty RD 34 in South Bristol to the Village of Naples & you can count them all.

The Town of Italy is now being faced with pressures to Re-Zone Residential Land to Industrial Land so more of these turbines can be built.

If and when these turbines ever produce electricity, how will the power be carried? Good question... Perhaps we should ask Energy East, aka RG&E and NYSE&G although they stated last November that the Overhead Power Lines have nothing to do with the wind turbines. hmmm.... makes you wonder doesn't it?

The "core" group of the NVBHA have been busy these past few months. But, a few of us cannot do this work alone - if you care, there is an easy way for you to help. Just by writing a simple letter or email or fax to
these two gentleman above and let them know how you feel about the issues we are facing. We need as many people as possible to write, call, fax or email. Don't worry about spelling or using the right words - our representatives need to know that we are concerned and opposed to what is happening in our community. They need to hear what we say & we need to say it from the heart. The "pro" wind companies are urging these same gentleman to extend the energy tax credits. Please help us and to urge our congressmen to stop the energy tax credits for the wind companies.

Mr Kuhl also suggested that we contact the Andrew Cuomo, the NYS Attorney General, at

Voice Your Choice Say NO to Overhead Power Lines

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