Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Letter to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo - by Jim Sawicki

As a taxpayer, US citizen and lifelong resident of NYS, I am writing you objecting to the criminal activities associated with industrial wind development in NYS.

Our elected officials are being bamboozled by the industrial wind interests to believe that commercial/industrial wind projects are “friendly”, green and renewable. This is very misleading and incomplete information.

This industry is engaged in many illegal activities, supported by our elected officials that are supposed to be representing NYS citizens NOT the commercial wind interests, with their lobbyists, multi-national corporations and misleading and incomplete information (propaganda).

The corruption, deceit and disregard for proper procedure and laws by this industry should not be tolerated for one second. I personally know highly respected people with the highest level of integrity that possess information related to industrial wind’s illegal activities. They have already offered to meet with you on their time and dime. I strongly recommend you accept their offer.

A timely investigation is needed.

Legal rights of NYS citizens have already been abused and continue to be threatened by industrial/commercial wind companies that are allowed to do as they please through ignorant and/or bamboozled local governments AND their incomplete and misleading claims that have incorrectly affected the public’s and decision-makers’ views.

NYS citizens need your help to defend our legal rights and stop this madness!

Thank you for your consideration of this very important matter.

Jim Sawicki

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