Saturday, August 23, 2008

A letter to the PSC from one of our NVBHA Members

Dear Members of the Commission,

There has been every effort to avoid transparency by both the European and domestic producers of wind energy. There is a constant blurring of capacity to produce and actual production of electricity.

I believe Iberdrola is here because the countries of Europe have not seen benefits from the subsides that they offered to wind energy corporations, such as Iberdrola, and are no longer willing to sink public money into them.

Many believe that the majority of wind projects in our country have become cynical ways of harvesting lucrative subsidies. We are no longer a people who can afford massive fraud. We have been deregulated, plucked and shorn for a terribly long time. Commissions such as yours are intended as the last line of defense for the public good. Many believe there is ample evidence that the wind energy initiative has been perverted and crafted into another big boy scam.

Congress has chosen to continue subsidizing this monstrosity.

You are a commission of 5 NY State residents. I believe Albany would be happy at this juncture if it had support in denying these unproductive wind projects our tax money. History would certainly vindicate you for taking such a stand. Hurray for those committed to the Public Good.

Gordon W Ellis
Naples, NY

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