Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Letter to the Editor - D&C printed on Sat Sept 13

N.Y. soul sold to wind power giant

I believe your call for Iberdrola to start building its wind farms and infrastructure is hypocritical on your part (Sept. 5 editorial, "The right call"). You often laud the beauty of the Finger Lakes region, express pride in this local treasure and encourage tourism. How on earth can wind towers and power lines add to or even maintain this beauty?

You admire patriotism and sometimes review historic events from this area, too. What will your take be on those who resist the takeover of their land through eminent domain by a foreign company? How would you tell a Seneca from Ganondagan, a soldier from Valley Forge, a sailor on the Cuban blockade, that it is OK if foreigners take land away from New York citizens? Would you say that things are inevitable, and to think of a common good, or a bottom line?

What will you call those who take a stand? It is bound to happen now that our government has decided a $3 a month saving in our electric bills is worth our soul.

in response to the editorial in the D&C on 9/5/08

The Right Call

After some internal disagreement the PSC staff was against the sale as originally proposed and arm-twisting from the political and business wings, the commission struck a sensible compromise...


Customers of Rochester Gas and Electric and New York State Electric and Gas could see a modest $40 a year in average savings in their utility bills after the companies are sold to Iberdrola SA of Spain.

According to the commission, that means five years of rebates, annually averaging $18 for RG&E natural gas customers, $19.04 for RG&E electric customers, $23 for NYSEG gas customers and $20.08 for NYSEG electric customers.

Voice Your Choice Say NO to Overhead Power Lines

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