Saturday, December 15, 2007

Did you know they want to put 11 wind turbines in the Naples School District?

Yup, that is what they want to do - although they say they did not realize this until 2 weeks ago.

Do we really believe that?
Who is "they"? "they" is SCIDA otherwise know as Steuben County IDA.

If we allow these 11 turbines in our district, the Naples School would realize approx $3750 (total) in taxes for the 1st year - maybe a little more the 2nd year. Something is very wrong with this picture - don't you agree?

It is very important that the Naples School Board and residents of Naples School District voice their concerns on the questionable proposed PILOT program for UPC Steuben county at SCIDAs public hearing in Prattsburgh at the Town Hall 19 North Main St. on December. 18th 2007 at 10 am.

Read the letter to the editor of the Naples Record in the post below this to understand what is going on.

As a result of this letter, we gained some headway regarding the proposed wind turbines in the Naples School District. The NVBHA presented the letter, along with other information to the Naples School Board Meeting on 12/12/07. Mr James Sherron of SCIDA was also there trying to tell us how this would benefit our school district with the tax dollars they would be paying..... yeah, right. The headway that we gained was this - Mr. Sherron said that the vote would not take place as planned on the 20th. They first need to supply a letter to the school & second, they are required to have a public forum. They would have snuck this through if our "watchdog" had not been on top of it.

When Mr. Sherron stood up at the school board meeting, he introduced himself and stated that the goal of SCIDA was to create jobs & widen the tax base. They have been in existence for 30 years, a public benefit corporation and treated as a municipality. They offer incentives to buy or lease land not to take off the tax roles and not affecting the the schools. (Who is he trying to kid?)

If you can attend this morning meeting, please send us an email to discuss possible car pooling.
SAVE THE DATE DEC 18TH at 10:00 am

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