Monday, December 17, 2007

Town of South Bristol's response to our letter

V Town of South Bristol

6500 Gannett Hill Road - West
Naples, New York 14512

Daniel Q. Marshall

December 10, 2007

Mr. Robert Bergin, Director Public Affairs
89 East Avenue
Rochester, New York 14649-0001

Dear Mr. Bergin,

For several months now, the residents of South Bristol have been listening to your plans for the construction of a 34kw sub transmission line thru the heart of our community. Three different routes have been suggested and to date we are not sure which one will be chosen.

Both RG&E and NYSEG have met with our residents on several occasions. While we appreciate the effort to communicate with our residents, each meeting has caused more confusion over the real purpose for this project.

We were first told it was being done to meet the “rapid development” of South Bristol. As leaders of this town, we know that just is not the case. We were then told the project was meant to solve periodic outages in the northern portion of the county. It is true Farmington has had issues with outages, but the town supervisor told me he had never heard that the solution would be to bring power from the south.

The Town of South Bristol is opposed to this project for a number of reasons.

1. We are opposed to any project that requires the clear cutting of a 100’ swath thru our heavily wooded and exceedingly steep lands. The concept runs counter to our new Comprehensive Plan that extols the virtues of both our Scenic and rural character. People live in and visit South Bristol to enjoy this pristine area.

2. We have not been shown adequate information regarding the costs to bury a line as opposed to going overhead. It may be more expensive, but given our area, it needs to be considered.

3. Property values will be significantly affected. It would be impossible for a 100’ cut across a property not to effect land values. Our residents deserve better.

4. We are being asked to sacrifice something we hold dear for the benefit of others. We are concerned that without a well-defined purpose, the costs for this project will outweigh the benefits being sought. If the project is only a back up source for the Farmington area, is it worth it?

5. We are concerned over reports by residents that survey marks have been found on property where permission was never granted. This kind of infringement cannot be tolerated.

In Ontario County, the Town of South Bristol has a special role. We are not expected to provide major economic growth with the development of industry in our town. We are asked to provide an environment that will appeal to those who work elsewhere in the community. We are asked to provide recreation such as golf courses, ski areas and hunting. We are also encouraged to promote tourism that benefits all the communities in Ontario County. Destroying our scenic vistas, and creating environmental concerns will not help us fulfill our role.

We have a duty to protect our community. In doing so, we ask that you take the extra steps necessary to protect our town. Please consider alternative methods to achieve your goal.


___________________________ ______________________________
Daniel Q. Marshall –Supervisor Dale Stoker – Councilman

___________________________ ______________________________
Donna Goodwin – Councilwoman Thomas Hawks III - Councilman

Barbara Welch – Councilwoman

Cc: New York State Public Service Commission
Senator Dale Volker
Assemblyman Joseph Errigo
Geoff Astles, County Administrator, Ontario County
Mr. Frank Duserick, -Supervisor, Town of Naplesoice Your Choice Say NO to Overhead Power Lines

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